The expanded space of a modern painting is somewhat like a fan that
is folded, then opened out. It still has its folds but none are hidden.


Art is the place where thought begins. Thinking, abstracting and conceptualizing do not begin with word formation but with eye seeing. The eye is the active principle of the brain; a first principle which does not passively record but selects and abstracts as an integral part of its functioning. It was Einstein who said, “words do not seem to play any role in my mechanism of thought…elements of thought are certain more or less clear images…conventional words or signs have to be sought for laboriously.”
The artist does not, like Einstein, have to translate visual thoughts into word or signs. The artist had to make these visual thoughts visible; that is, intelligible visually. The thought has to occur in what artists used to call ‘significant form.” I am claiming that the artist may be closer than most to doing primary intellectual work.
What is considered intellectual now (in art) is about control — controlling others or being controlled. It has nothing to do with intellect, because the intellect produces ideas. Control doesn’t give you ideas. In fact, too much of it can give you insanity. Control carried to excess becomes a gesture of fright.  I don’t think there is philosophical or intellectual content in any conceptual art I’ve seen. It is technological, orderly, controlled and logical. But you can create a logic which is utterly meaningless, logic for its own sake, with no original hypothesis and no purpose.